I'm Audrey.

This is my shop!

The Wild Gem is an online shop of curated, handpicked, rare finds to inspire the wild in you.

Here you will find vintage pieces with modern styling. Something I have always believed in is that it shouldn't cost a lot of money to look good. The Wild Gem is about dressing women for the best years of their lives!

My first real creative effort was getting dressed and changing my outfit at least 7 times a day at age 5, according to mood. My mom had some serious style and it was always colorful. I remember obsessing over all her crazy geometric leggings. It was in my nature to care about what I wore and to make sure I looked how i felt inside - wild and happy.

My style is all over the place and I try not to fit into any one category. As long as I feel confident and comfortable, that's all that matters to me! Some days I feel very boho and wear a long skirt with a weird top, a long necklace and a ton of rings. Other days I love to wear ripped up boyfriend jeans, a baggy sweater and loafers. Sometimes I wear a frilly dress with metallic platforms. I like to keep people guessing!

Above all else, I think clothes should make you feel good about yourself. Nothing is worse than a girl trying to fit a certain trend and then feeling uncomfortable with what she's wearing. She should walk out of the house feeling like a rockstar, even if it's just to go to the post office.

The heartbeat of The Wild Gem doesn't exist in one style, trend, or article of clothing. It's in the way we as women carry ourselves, the way we talk and the way we see the world.

You're a gem,